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Qualifications available for RPL

Each academic department accepting RPL applications has its own information requirements and screening questionnaire linked to their entry requirements. If you want to apply for RPL – Exemption, the subject specific knowledge requirements are also part of the screening information you are required to submit. The hyperlinks will be provided on this page by mid-February

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

RPL Type

Diploma: Hospitality

Access only

Diploma: Management

Access and/or Exemptions - RPL

Advanced Diploma: Management


Advanced Diploma: Project Management


Diploma: Human Resource Management

Access and/or Exemptions - RPL

Advanced Diploma: Human Resource Management


Advanced Diploma Human Resource Development


Post Graduate Diploma: HRM


Diploma: Marketing

Access and/or Exemptions -RPL

Advanced Diploma: Marketing


Diploma: Public Administration and Management

Access only

Diploma: Business and Information Administration (BIA)

Access only

Diploma: Retail Management

Access only

Diploma: Events Management

Access and/or exemptions – RPL

Diploma: Tourism

Access and/or exemptions - RPL

Sport and Leisure Management

Access only

Diploma: Real Estate

Access only

Diploma: Accountancy

Access only

Faculty of Informatics and Design

RPL Type

Diploma: Architectural Technology

Access and/or exemptions - RPL

Advanced Diploma: Architectural Design

Diploma: Interior Design

Advanced Diploma: Interior Design

Faculty of Health and Wellness

RPL Types

Diploma or Bachelor: Emergency Management Care

Access only


Bachelor: Nursing

Availability under consideration

Bachelor: Education (Foundation, GET and HET)

Not available due to legislative restrictions



During the current Lockdown we unfortunately are not on campus, please sent an email:

Qualifications in the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (FBMS)

All other Faculties.

Post graduate studies