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Medical insurance

Visa Regulations to study in South Africa

All international students need to comply with the visa regulations as determined by the Immigration Act, Act 13 0f 2002.

Regulation 10(1) (i) determines the following:

** An applicant for a study permit is required to provide:

(i)*proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998, recognized in the Republic*

Our institution’s interpretation of the requirements in this regard is that appropriate medical cover via a registered South African medical scheme is required.  This minimum basic cover as prescribed in the Medical Schemes Act, which can be obtained through very affordable medical scheme products, specifically suited to the needs of international students, is the best way to minimise the risk for the university or students  to be liable for general medical costs.

Medical aid Registration requirements to study at CPUT

Although you may, with some other foreign medical insurance products, secure a study visa from a South African diplomatic mission, CPUT in accordance with the spirit of the Immigration Act will only accept South African registered medical schemes for registration purposes. It is therefore recommended that you study the comparison of the proposed products below. You can also obtain further information by following the link provided and complete your application electronically once you have made your decision in this regard. Electronic payment facilities directly to the schemes are provided for your convenience.

Should you require assistance in this regard, you can contact the official specialist intermediaries, appointed by CPUT to assist students, Absa Healthcare Consultants on

Tel: +27 860 100 380
Fax: +27 11 467 8486

You may also submit your application via Absa Healthcare Consultants to the above email and fax, together with proof of payment (copy of deposit slip). They will then forward it to the relevant scheme.

What evidence to provide for registration purposes

For registration purposes CPUT requires proof of full Medical Aid Cover with a South African registered medical aid scheme (no insurance products, from SA or abroad, will be accepted) for each full academic calendar year (being from the first day of the month of registration until the last day of November). Study Abroad and Exchange Students must secure medical cover for the full duration of their stay. A minimum of six (6) months cover is provided by medical aid companies, no less. English Skills Students are required to purchase cover for a duration of six (6) months. Note that a medical scheme membership certificate which is required for a study permit will be provided to you within days after you have submitted the electronic application.

Payment of medical cover

It is advisable that international students make the necessary financial arrangements for the medical aid cover prior to entry into South Africa. Should the student rely on sponsorship he/ she should ensure that the sponsor is advised of this requirement at the onset of the sponsorship and this requirement is applicable to (for example Post Graduate Research Scholarships) related bursaries as well.

Payment for the required medical aid cover fee is made directly to the Medical Aid Company, separately from the tuition fees.


Please note that ABSA Healthcare Consultants have been appointed as product specialists for CPUT. They will operate nationally as Healthcare Consultants to most Higher Education Institutions from 2011 onwards.

Absa HCC will also be on campus during scheduled times to assist students with any medical aid related queries – please confirm the consultation times with your international office.

All membership cards can be collected during these consultation times.  Any questions students might have with regard to their medical cover whilst in SA can also be dealt with during these visits.

Factors to take into consideration when considering  medical schemes/ options

  • Specific medical needs you might have (e.g spectacles, chronic medication etc). Please consider the benefits in this regard at the different schemes.
  • Benefits offered.
  • Proximity of network of providers (e.g. if the student will not have transport – is the provider within walking distance from residence). The products offered generally offer network doctors in close proximity. You can change your selected doctor when you arrive on campus.
  • Cost of the option. The cost will be payable upfront for the duration of study, eg cost x 10 months.
  • Service provided by the Scheme on campus.

Please note that no cash payments for medical scheme will be accepted at the campus.

Apply for your membership online

Two options exist for medical aid cover. Please use the links below to find out more about each plan.

CompCare NetworX http://www.studentplan.co.za/

Momentum Health http://www.ingwehealth.co.za/