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Step 1: Choose a qualification

Mastering the technology required to send a satellite into space, saving lives with your specialised knowledge of emergency medical care or designing a fashion collection – Come create your future with CPUT!

Our programmes

We offer more than 70 career-focused programmes. The documents and links below will help you choose the programme that's right for you.

The Prospectus booklet and pamphlets contains the admission requirements for all the programmes presented at CPUT, as well as general admission information, qualification structures, and details about where each programme is presented. Prospective students are encouraged to check the subject and mark requirements of the programme they want to study before applying.

Also note that the full acceptance to the programme will be based on the Final Grade 12 results.

Have a look at our 2025 Prospectus below:

The Online Prospectus below will also show you all our programmes and goes into details such as subjects you will be required to complete, and their estimated cost.

Applied Sciences
Business and Management Sciences
Engineering and Built Environment
Health and Wellness Sciences
Informatics and Design

Check below for a list of 2025 Undergraduate qualifications

Check below for a list of 2025 Postgraduate qualifications

Additional admission requirements

For any additional admission requirements and/or supporting documentation required, please proceed to:
Step 2 – Gather your documentation