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Residence Applications


Application process

Student Life and Residential services will be rolling out online Residence applications for students currently in residence and those applying for residence accommodation for first time. All applicants/students will be able to apply for residence.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited number of accommodation spaces available, application for residence does not guarantee placement in residence even if you are academically accepted into a programme.

Students who wish to apply for private accommodation can contact our Residence Business unit at Residenceb@cput.ac.za for assistance

For Students who never applied at CPUT / Applying for first time at CPUT residence application can only be processed after you have completed your online academic application.

Current CPUT continuing students can just login onto their SOS IEnabler and proceed with residence application.


First year students (First time entry – never studied at CPUT before and applying to either undergraduate or postgraduate studies)

After you have finished academic application you will receive your Student Online Services login details (SOS pin) Where the user will be your student number and the pin your created at the begging of your application. Those that have applied to CPUT before and already have student number will have to look-up their Pin and apply via the SOS iEnabler.

These details will allow you to be able to login on SOS (Follow instruction on your email) and proceed with residence application.

RPL and International applicants

RPL and International students must complete and submit a manual application form which can be obtained from the CPUT website.  This form includes the application of Academic programmes as well as for Accommodation which will be submitted to the Housing Unit.  Please do not apply for Residence accommodation online

The manual academic application form obtainable from the Admissions and Registration Centre or downloadable from the CPUT website contains two parts: academic and accommodation. Only RPL and International Students will do manual applications.

Senior CPUT students - First-time Residence applicants

For the purposes of residences, first-time applicants are CPUT registered senior students (Current registered students that are progressing into the next period of study in order to complete their studies (.e.g. diploma students, doing 1st year now and will be continuing into 2nd year in the next following academic year.) who are currently not staying in the residences.

For first-time applicants to be selected for accommodation the following shall be considered:

  • 60% pass rate of the subjects of which examinations were written
  • applicants should be staying outside 60-kilometre radius from the institution
  • availability of space 

All First time applicants must apply on SOS for residence admission for the following year.

No manual applications.

CPUT Residence returning students

For residence purposes, returning students are those students who stayed in the residences a year preceding their application for residence. The returning students shall be placed back into their residences if:

  • They pass 60% of the students for which they sat for examinations
  • They applied for accommodation the previous year
  • There is no serious disciplinary record against them

All Returning Students must apply on SOS for residence admission for the following year.

No manual applications.

Students on experiential learning

Students on experiential learning for a period of Three to six months or more and currently residing on CPUT residences shall apply on SOS as returning students.

Only students on six months and more experiential learning shall apply manual through central housing office. Students coming back from experiential learning shall be accepted back into the residences in the next academic year only.

Submit your online Residence Application