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Individual Counselling and Therapy

Counselling support is offered on campus or online, in the form of individual sessions with a professional registered psychologist or social worker. Counselling support offers students the opportunity to talk to a professional about any personal, relationship or academic challenge/difficulty in a private and confidential manner.

Some of the many challenges that students seek support for include:

  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to cope
  • Any situation or matter negatively impacting their academic studies or performance
  • Adjusting to campus, residence life or any other challenging life situation
  • Personal, emotional, welfare or relationship problems
  • Personal crisis, or exposure to a traumatic experience
  • Domestic violence, or other forms of physical, sexual or emotional abuse such as intimate partner violence, rape, assault
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression, dealing with suicidal thoughts and feeling anxious
  • Experiencing problems related to substance use or abuse