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Academic Support and Career Development

Our academic support services and career development activities, are offered in the form of workshops and webinars, through the course of students’ studies at CPUT. These are aimed at assisting students in the development of important skills to support their academic performance and integration into their professional career life. Workshop themes offered include:
  • Academic enhancement. Topics include: balancing personal and academic life, dealing with family expectations and setting boundaries for studying, dealing with distractions and effective management of time and personal resources, dealing with stress and procrastination, maintaining motivation and momentum in your studies.
  • Career preparation. Topics include: CV writing, job search skills, preparing for an interview and how to identify and display your strengths through your CV and in the interview.
To book a counselling session, or to find out about our workshops and other resources, Contact us by sending an email to: Student-counselling@cput.ac.za Leanie Brits, Head of Department: Student Counselling Email: pienaarl@cput.ac.za Follow us on: YouTube: Student Counselling CPUT | Facebook: CPUT Student Counselling