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Clinic Procedures

Student health care services are only available to students currently registered at the Cape Peninsula University of technology. Attendance at all our clinics is by appointment only.

Students must provide identification when making and coming for appointments. They will not be attended to without a valid, current CPUT student registration card or proof of current registration with identification document (green ID book or passport).

Please note:

  • When making an appointment, students should state their medical symptoms clearly, to ensure appropriate medical management.
  • We reserve the right not to attend to students who are late for appointments.
  • Cellphones must be switched off when entering the clinic.

Medical emergencies procedure

An emergency is a life threatening situation where a person

  • is bleeding profusely
  • is semi-conscious or unconscious
  • is having an asthma attack
  • is having an allergic reaction
  • is conscious, but finds it difficult to move.

These situations do not require an appointment.  Should you be the person to contact the clinic when facing such a situation on campus, remember to give as much detail as possible.

  • Say where you are located
  • Say what happened.
  • Give a contact number and name

Injury on duty treatment procedure

Medical attention will be given to members of staff in the employ of CPUT who have sustained an injury while on duty.

The Employers Accident Report form must be comprehensively completed.

The clinic will:

  • assess and manage each case as presented
  • refer the patient to a doctor/ hospital
  • where necessary, call an ambulance to transport the patient to hospital.

Note that registered students in the employ of the CPUT doing in-service-training are considered students.