Residence life

CPUT’s housing provides a vibrant academic engagement, rich social and cultural experience and an inclusive community life.

Our residences bring students together from all walks of life. You will realise your roommate or housemate could be an Engineering student from Mpumalanga, a future business leader from Nigeria, Namibia or Zimbabwe or anyone in between. CPUT residences are more than just living spaces but also learning communities providing academic support through tutors and prescribed mentors living in the residences.

Making friends is very easy in an environment surrounded by young energetic students looking for answers through education and eager to learn and develop.

CPUT Residences

CPUT has over 30 residences at any given point to house its hefty student population of over 30 000 students. CPUT also has an off-campus private accommodation accreditation program which seeks to address the ever-growing need for more housing for our students.


Each residence has its own sporting teams for various disciplines. Annually the department of Student Life & Residential Services hosts tournaments for the residence students and the best house/residence wins. The winners are always awarded a surprise prize.

House Committee

Each residence has its own student led Committee which is responsible for organising and sponsoring events and activities within the residence. The Committee is the first channel through which other students in the residence can raise their matters to the residence management. Above the Committee is the Residence Student Assistant (RSA) who gets training to assist in the running of the residence and ensure the smooth undertaking of all residence operations, guided by the Residence Coordinator.

Cleaning and Laundry Services

The cleaning staff is dedicated to maintaining and cleaning the premises and individual accommodation, ensuring the facilities are always neat, clean and everything is in working order. All residences are equipped with laundry facilities which are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at most residences.

Shuttle services 

Wellington residences are situated within walking distance from the campus. Most residences on Cape Town Campus and a few on Bellville Campus are outside out of a reasonable walking distance therefore a shuttle service is provided.


CPUT residences are self-catering residences and are equipped with kitchens for the students to cook their meals. The list of equipment includes a stove, refrigerator/ freezer and washing sink. Students are expected to bring their crockery and cutlery. 


All residences are fitted with access control equipment and security guards manning every entrance. Students are encouraged to make security their responsibility e.g. students are responsible for their visitors' behaviour and students who are sharing a room are encouraged to make specific arrangements as prescribed in the residence rules and regulations.

If you do not see it, please ask.

It is simple; if at all you need any help regarding your stay we are there to help you experience a good academic living at CPUT.