Student Accommodation


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CPUT Residences

CPUT offers residence space for over 13 400 students. Our residences are spread across the Cape Peninsula in the areas surrounding our campuses.

There are 3 types of university controlled accommodation options where students can be housed:

  1. University owned residences
  2. University leased residences
  3. University Accredited residences

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Off-Campus Private Accommodation

Students who fail to secure on-campus and university controlled off-campus accommodation often opt to stay privately close to campus.

CPUT has an off-campus Housing Accreditation Program that assists to manage the demand of student accommodation where owned, leased and university controlled accredited residences are full. This makes it safer and easier for students to comfortably enter into agreements with service providers knowing that the university has vetted and checked the quality of services at each property.

The second option would be non-accredited private boarding, where student source their own accommodation and if students are funded they would need to make certain the Financial Aid/ Bursaries office is aware of where the student is accommodated.

In both cases the university becomes bursar and it is the funded student’s responsibility to ensure all information is recorded by the relevant office. Self-funded students can also make use of non-university controlled accommodation services to their best options.

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