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IT services

Students have access to a range of high-tech computer facilities located across CPUT’s campuses and service points.

Computer laboratories

CPUT offers students a range of computer laboratories where they can conduct research and complete their academic work. Computers in these laboratories feature the latest hardware and software and reserved laboratories cater for students who require specialised software as part of their studies.

Each computer laboratory is access-controlled, so students must have their student cards with them at all times. Each laboratory also has support staff on-hand to help where needed.

Online services

CPUT students have access to a variety of online services, including:



Online Personal Access (OPA)

Student Online Services (SOS)

How to login to CPUT computer and online services

To gain access to CPUT computers and online services, follow the easy steps in this guide:

How to login to CPUT computers and online services

Print and internet credit

How to check your print and internet credit