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Important 1st Year Information

First Time Applicant / Student Guidelines

Online assistance/ General enquiries

Online assistance capacity has been increased for online applications and registrations processes. Applicants and prospective students who require off-campus assistance can contact the Call Centre on  086 123 2788 / 021 959 6767 or visit the following link for detailed contact information: The official CPUT Facebook page regularly posts updates.  Please like the page for updates. Also consult the online application step-by-step guide downloadable from

First Year Computer Literacy Course

CTS induction course every Wednesday:

Session 1: 9H00 to 10H00
Session 2: 10H00 to 11H00
Session 3: 11H00 to 12H00
Session 4: 12H00 to 13H00
Session 5: 14H00 to 15H00
Session 6: 15H00 to 16h00

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Final Acceptance

  • First-year students with pre-2020 NSC results: First-year students who have been fully accepted and are not awaiting final acceptance based on the recent 2020 NSC results may proceed with the registrations as early as 1 March 2021.
  • First-year prospective students who have obtained their NSC in 2020: Final evaluation (screening) of the 2020 NSC results will be conducted by Faculties from Thursday, 25 February 2021 until Friday, 5 March 2021.
  • Applicants that have written the NSC, IEB or SACAI examinations do not need to submit results as we receive your results directly from the Department of Basic Education and Training. This applies to applicants who are upgrading their results as well.
  • Acceptance will be confirmed via an automated sms to your cell phone number provided during your application.
  • Also frequently track your acceptance status via the link:
  • Decision-making is an ongoing process, and you may check your status online regularly, as all decisions will reflect immediately if a decision is made.
  • Secure your place by registering immediately after final acceptance as spaces in the programmes fill up quickly. Should you not do so, the place will be offered to another student.
  • Students will be only able to register if the admittance status reflects: “ACCEPTED/ ACCEPTED ON FINAL RESULTS” You will not be able to register if your status reflects other statuses such as “Waiting List”, “Rejected”, “Course Full”, “Provisional Acceptance” or any “Incomplete” related statuses.

What to do if all my applications have been declined

Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of acceptance into a programme. The competition for space in Higher Education institutions is great. If your application has been declined, you can contact CACH via a standard SMS by sending/texting your full name (First Name and Surname) and ID number to 31629 or sign-up online at  Detailed information is also available on their Facebook page which is CACH_SA. CACH is an initiative from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) which operates as a referral system for unsuccessful applicants and not open as a late application service.  The CACH will provide unsuccessful applicants with access to career development services and where possible an opportunity to access spaces still available with the PSET systems at universities, TVET colleges or in SETA learnerships, without having to travel to institutions to try and find a space.

Late Applications for First Time Students at CPUT

As the institution remains in strict COVID-19 lockdown mode, students (including prospective first-year students and their guardians) are urged not to travel to campuses for face-to-face assistance from staff.

What to do if I want to apply for programmes with available spaces at CPUT

Should any spaces become available for CPUT specific programmes, such lists will be published on the website link by no later than Monday, 8 March 2021

Late application timelines

8 – 26 March 2021

Who may apply

  • National applicants (with an SA ID), including Refugee/Asylum Seeker and/or Permanent Residency applicants with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) / SC (Senior Certificate) / NCV (National Vocal Certificate) / National Qualification.
  • National applicants (with an SA ID) with international qualifications who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Refugee/Asylum Seeker status applicants with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Permanent residency applicants with SA ID with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Regretfully no RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) applications will be considered.

How to apply online

Late application fee: free of charge Do you want to apply for a CPUT programme with available spaces and you meet the entrance requirements?
  • Have you submitted your 2021 CPUT applications before but did not exhaust all three (3) choices? or
  • Have not submitted any 2021 CPUT applications previously?
    • Only online application submissions will be accepted. Regretfully no manual applications for this category will be processed
    • Please follow the step-by-step online application Please visit the link:
  • Have you submitted your 2021 CPUT applications and have exhausted all three (3) choices?
    • Submit an appeal to the Dean of the relevant Faculty for consideration of a 4th choice.
    • Download and complete the electronic application form from the CPUT website
    • Scan the completed application form together with any additional supporting documentation and submit via e-mail to the respective Faculty staff (should any programmes be identified)
    • Please note this is process is only applicable to 4th choice submissions
    • For detailed information and step-by-step 4th choice application process please visit the link:

Application outcome

Selections will be conducted within the respective Faculties and the outcome will be communicated via SMS to the applicant. Please track your outcome frequently and/or download your acceptance letter by accessing the CPUT website link: