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First year STARS survey

What is the STARS survey?

The Student Academic Readiness Survey (STARS) forms part of CPUT’s “know our students” project which is aimed at promoting student success. All first-year students should complete the STARS questionnaire so that appropriate support can be provided. STARS assesses students’ academic readiness by measuring their support needs in fields such as motivation, well-being, integration and support, goal orientation, academic skills, study skills, time management, anticipated/ current academic involvement, and vocational identity.

Why should ALL first-year students complete the STARS survey?

The STARS survey will help CPUT to help you. A risk report will be generated for each student using the data from the STARS survey. The results will be used by CPUT to refer first-year students who need help to the various support services available on each campus. These include the peer mentor and tutor assistance programmes of Fundani CHED, as well as a range of programmes offered by the Student Counselling services, such as individual and career counselling, wellness programmes, peer helper services, skills development including managing change, adjustment to campus life, study skills, time management and managing stress and exam anxiety.

CPUT gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Pretoria University in the use of this survey instrument. The STARS survey instrument is used with copyright permission from Pretoria University’s Department of Education Innovation.