Extension of deadline for submission of assignments

You may be granted an extension of the deadline for submission of assignments that were due for the period during which the university was shut down.

Please see procedure and faculty-specific forms below.

  1. Students who could not submit assignments towards the end of last year, as a consequence of the protest action may be given another opportunity to submit, provided:
    • the submission date fell within the period 10 September 2016 to 16 December 2016, and
    • these students  were not given another opportunity to resubmit beyond 16 December 2016.
  2. These students would have until end of business on Tuesday 14th February to alert their academic department that they wish to submit an assignment.
  3. They would do so by completing an “ASSIGNMENT ALERT” form which will be available from the departmental secretary. This form must be handed to the secretary by the due date.
  4. The HoD will consider the application and respond by Friday 17th February.
  5. If the response is positive the student will be given until Wednesday 22nd February to submit the assignment. The assignment will be marked, and the Marks Amendment process will be followed.
  6. If the response is negative, the matter will be escalated to the Dean and will be considered by the committee that would normally deal with appeals in the faculty. A student representative will form part of this committee.
  7. If the outcome is positive, the student will be given five days in which to submit the assignment.
  8. If consensus cannot be reached at committee level the matter will be considered by a mediator.

Note that the process begins with the submission of the “Assignment Alert” Form at the academic department.  If students do not follow the process as outlined above or miss the deadline there will be no further opportunities for submission and the faculty will not consider any requests in this regard.

Applied Sciences assignment alert form

Business and Management Sciences assignment alert form

Education assignment alert form

Engineering assignment alert form

Informatics and Design assignment alert form

Health and Wellness Sciences assignment alert form