In 2009 thousands of CPUT students participated in the institutional audit system by completing surveys. The surveys are part of the scope of the HEQC institutional audit system.


The surveys gather information from students and are an important instrument in evaluating the effectiveness of an institution.

CPUT will draw on user surveys and will use the information in the process of planning and setting priorities for quality development and enhancement. The surveys were undertaken to obtain feedback for quality improvement.

Two surveys, one which looked at teaching and learning and another which looked at the campus environment, were administered by the Quality Management Department.

The questions were reviewed for suitability and sent to the academic staff for comment.

Once the surveys were approved, they were distributed to students at the various campuses and service points.

Approximately 10 000 student satisfaction surveys were distributed through representatives in the Faculties. The survey period was from October to November 2009.

The Student Satisfaction Survey covered six areas. These included institutional culture, teaching and learning facilities and support, admission and registration, finance and fees, student services and support and the student experience.

Students were asked to answer a total of 55 questions and provide a short comment on their overall student experience.

In addition, all CPUT students were also required to complete the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Survey (SET).

Approximately 30 000 SET surveys were distributed through the faculty representatives to the academic staff. Each lecturer had to ensure that at least one of the subjects that he or she presented was evaluated by students.

The SET survey focused primarily on lecturers and the classroom environment. Questions posed in this survey aimed at establishing students satisfaction with the teaching methods, assessments and workload. Students were asked to answer 22 questions.

Survey results

To download a report of the Student Satisfaction survey, including the survey questions and the results, click here.