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Institutional Audit 2021-2022

About the IA

The Council on Higher Education (CHE) defines the IA as an external quality review process of an institution’s quality management system and its constituent elements, based on that institution’s identity, nature, context and strategic goals. Such a review systematically and objectively evaluates the system’s appropriateness, coherence and effectiveness in assuring the quality of institutional delivery of higher education’s core functions (CHE,2021). While the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) describes an institutional audit as an "improvement-orientated external evaluation of institutional arrangements for quality in teaching and learning, research and community engagement, based on a self-evaluation conducted by the institution".

CHE is conducting institutional audits of all public universities and private higher education institutions. The CPUT institutional audit process started in 2021, following CHE’s endorsed schedule. CPUT has embarked on this project, and the QMD is coordinating the preparation on behalf of the university. In this regard, the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) requires institutions to reflect critically and consider the quality provision to improve student success. CHE will assess the internal quality assurance of the university at all levels.

The IA process:

Different working groups were identified, working closely with Faculty Quality Forums(FQFs) to write and collect the Self Evaluation Report (SER) information. The institution appointed the SER writers, and they are also part of the different working groups. A panel appointed by the CHE will carry out the audit. The IA will end with the site visit of an external panel in 10-14 October 2022.

The IA focus:

The IA emphasizes the institutional quality management systems identified for audit standards and guidelines approved by the HEQC and CHE. The audit has four focus areas, each with four standards which make out 16 standards in total. Below are the four key focus areas that the CHE institutional audit evaluates:

  1. Focus area 1: Governance, strategic planning, management and leadership support the core academic functions.
  2. Focus area 2: The design and implementation of the institutional quality management system supports the core academic functions.
  3. Focus area 3: The coherence and integration of the institutional quality management system supports the core academic functions.
  4. Focus area 4: Curriculum development, learning and teaching support the likelihood of student success.

The IA planning framework:

CPUT has agreed to work based on the following planning framework.

Events that took place in 2021
Activity Date
IA launch 03 August 2021
Oversight and Steering Committee meeting 10 August 2021
CHE IA training 19 August 2021
Draft Faculty SER submission 30 November 2021
Events and plans for 2022
Final Faculty SER Submission February 2022
First Draft Institutional SER February 2022
SER consultation April 2022
Second Draft Institutional SER May 2022
Institutional SER submission June 2022
CHE Site visit 10-14 October 2022

Important Institutional Audit deadlines and dates:

The agreed date with the CHE for submitting our SER and portfolio of evidence is June 2022, and the panel site visit will occur between 10 and 14 October 2022. For further details, feel free to email Dr Makaula, the Institutional Coordinator at: InsAudit@cput.ac.za

CPUT IA Structure and Timeline:

CPUT IA structure and timeline

Institutional Audit Launch

CPUT initial letter from CHE



VC Speech

The Link between the Institutional Audit & Teaching & Learning in the Strategic Plan of CPUT

Purpose of the Institutional Audit, relationship to the Quality Assurance Framework and the Institutional Audit Process

V2030 Launch

Institutional Audit Documents

Framework for Institutional Audit

Manual for Institutional Audits 2021

CPUT IA progress

Progress on the CPUT Institutional Audit Preparation - 31 January 2022

Progress on the CPUT Institutional Audit Update - 10 October 2022