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Events, Corporate Gifts and Branding


Service Name

Service Outline

Initiation Procedure


Person(s) Responsible

Corporate Gifts and Branded Clothing

  • Marketing and Communication has designed a limited number of corporate gifts to suit every occasion. We are able to supply a limited quantity per item i.e. 5 per item.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Should a department want to order a specific item/gift or require large quantities of gifts for conferences, workshops, seminars, guests or guest speakers, international travels and guests, etc, departments must submit an RFQ to Procurement to order their items from the service providers on our system. Procurement will source the items you require.

  • ALL artwork on gifts and clothing must be approved by MCD before the supplier commence with the production in order for Finance to pay the supplier. The approved artwork must be added when you process the requisition. Suppliers can request the high-resolution logo from MCD.

  • Before placing an order, check stock availability by emailing Chinique Ranck (, Khanyo Gwentshula ( and CC Patsy Samuels ( MCD will not be liable if you order items that are out of stock.
  • The department requesting items must complete an Order form (with quantities) and General Ledger journal.
  • The forms must be completed and authorized by your HOD and Finance Department BEFORE submitting to MCD. The General Ledger journal must be signed by your budget controller (at Finance) for credit check and approval of your cost centre.
  • Email/hand deliver approved General Ledger Journal and Order Form to MCD to process the request (details are on the form).
  • MCD will notify the department via email with regards to the stock availability and when the items are ready for collection.
  • MCD can only supply small quantities. i.e. a maximum of 5 items per gift - with the exception of conference and bulk items as indicated on the Order Form.
  • Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance. “Last minute requests” might lead to disappointment.
  • Departments are responsible for arranging the collection of promotional items from MCD.
  • Orders are not guaranteed due to stock availability.
  • Collection days are on Tuesdays & Thursdays only.
  • Orders will be kept for a maximum of 5 days, only with prior arrangement. Should you not collect within this time, the order will be forfeited and you will have to reorder.
  • Chinique Ranck
  • Khanyo Gwentshula
  • Patricia Samuels


Event Management

MCD is a keen supporter of all CPUT related events, though it is not practical, useful or desirable to arrange or be involved in all of them.

We will serve on committees and advise on corporate identity, media and marketing of events.

MCD is responsible for arranging all annual CPUT events which includes, but not limited to:

  • First Year Welcome

  • Open Days/Career Days

  • Long Service Awards

  • Professorial Inaugurations

  • Council Events

  • Staff End of Year Party

MCD provide guidance and assistance with all EM and Council Events which includes:

  • Hosting of seminars

  • Catering arrangements for all meetings

  • Arrange breakaways, seminars

  • Council Dinners

  • Hosting all EM’s guests

MCD is involved/assisting and provide guidance in all CPUT events which includes:

  • Launches

  • Departmental conferences/seminars

  • Functions

In collaboration with the person/department requesting the assistance, MCD will attend meetings to provide input on the following:

  • Date and time of the event

  • Identifying venues and ensuring that the venues are booked/reserved

  • Check available dates of Vice-Chancellor – this will play a role in the date of the planned event

  • Check guest list, special guests

  • Invitations – Design of invitation. RSVP’s to be handled by the department arranging the event.

  • Contact and liaise with caterer – check budget, staff, flower arrangement etc.

  • Liaise with facilities, nursery and Campus Protection Services

  • Order gifts for guest speakers from MCD

  • Entertainment (if required)

  • Check protocol procedure for Ministerial Visit

Refer to the Events Guideline for CPUT

Cathy Cloete

Conferences and Workshops

(International and other)

MCD will serve on committees and advise and provide guidance on corporate identity, media and marketing of events.

MCD will - in collaboration with the person/department requesting the assistance – attend meetings to provide input on the following:

  • Check VC availability

  • Identify Budgets

  • Assist to secure venues and accommodation (on or off campus)

  • Where necessary, procure the assistance of an agency to assist with flight – bookings, transport and hotel accommodation for national & international delegates and guests and if needed assist with organizing the conference.

  • Arrangements for venues, as for other functions.

  • Involvement of EM

Refer to the Events Guideline for CPUT

Cathy Cloete

CPUT event corporate materials (banners, flags etc)

MCD will assist with corporate materials for all CPUT events

Departments must make their own arrangements to collect the items on the Bellville Campus.

If Any Item On The List Above Is Damaged, The Faculty/ Department Will Be Liable For The Cost @ R3 500,00 Per Item.

Departments can book the following items for their events:

  • Gazebo

  • Wall Banner

  • Faculty Banner

  • Telescopic

  • Chairs (Plastic)

  • Lollipop Stands

  • Tablecloths

  • Trestle Tables

  • Items must be requested 1 week in advance.

  • Collection of the items 1 day Prior to the event

  • Items must be returned within 2 days after the event.

Cathy Cloete and Eugene Payne