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Legal Services Request
  1. Instructions
    Kindly ensure the following:

    1. Prior to submitting a request for Legal Services, ask/obtain approval from the Senior Manager/Director/Dean/Chief Director/Executive Director or duly nominated and authorised office.

    2. Complete the Legal Services Request in full. Incomplete requests or requests without authorization by the person with the appropriate authority will be declined.

    3. The Directorate Legal Services reserves the right not to accept a request for legal services in instances where there is reason to believe that a request is in conflict with the University's interest or where the transaction has not been approved in accordance with the University's approval process.

  2. Contact Details of Requester  (To be completed by the person whom Legal Services may contact for further advice/information etc.)

  3. Name and Surname(*)
    Please let us know your name.
  4. Faculty or Division(*)
    Please let us know your email address.
  5. Job Title
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  6. Branch or Office(*)
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  7. Telephone
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  8. Cellphone
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  9. Email(*)
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  10. Staff Number
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  11. Nature and Full Description of your Request to Legal Services
    (To assist in responding promptly and efficiently, we need a good understanding of your request and the relevant background and context.)

  12. Please indicate the nature of the request

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  13. Is this an urgent matter

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  14. What assistance do you need?(*)

    Please inform us on how we can assist you.
  15. Description of matter(*)
    Please provide us with details about the matter.

  16. Approval to obtain Legal Services(Before submitting your request for Legal Services you must obtain approval from your Senior Manager/ Dean/Director/Chief Director/Executive Director, or duly nominated and authorised officer) 

  17. In the event that the relevant line manager does not approve or approval is not received within three days from date of submission of the request for legal services, the request will be deemed invalid and the instruction to legal services will be cancelled with immediate effect.
    The requestor must ensure that he or she follows up with the relevant line manager to ensure that the necessary approval is granted.
  18. Approved By(*)
    Please specify the name of the person who will be approving this request.
  19. Email (Request will be sent to this email for approval)(*)
    Please provide an email address for the person who will be approving this request.
  20. Contact number (Person approving request)(*)
    Please provide a contact number for the person who will be approving this request.
  21. Confidentiality

    1. University information may be categorised under certain security classifications (which ranges from public to highly sensitive information) depending on the intended use and expected impact if disclosed.

    2. In some instances the University is bound by law, its own processes or contract to protect the confidentiality of the information.

    3. Any communication received from Legal Services should be forwarded within CPUT only on a strictly need to know basis.

    4. No communication received from Legal Services may be passed to any person outside CPUT without the consent of the Director Legal Services.

  22. Consent Clause

    I agree, understand, consent and irrevocably authorise the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to use, process, verify and keep information in paper and electronic format.