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Institutional Planning Overview

The Institutional Planning Department aims to be one of the leading decision-support units in Higher Education. This vision ties the department into the broader decision-making and planning processes of the University. When it is functioning effectively, Institutional Planning will be assisting the CPUT management and its planning processes to deliver.

A key to Institutional Planning achieving its vision lies in the provision of quality data to the University community. As part of its business intelligence responsibility, the department collects and validates relevant data and makes it available to end users in a way that is helpful to them.

The main functions of the department are:

  • To facilitate the University’s strategic planning and academic planning processes
  • To provide management information, including responding to ad hoc queries
  • To promote the standard of data quality within the institution
  • To co-ordinate the University’s reporting to the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) via HEMIS (the Higher Education Management Information System)
  • To manage the updating of CPUT’s academic structure
  • To maintain the University’s programme and qualification mix (PQM), as approved by the DHET
  • To conduct institutional research, via surveys, in support of planning and transformation

Members of the department are active members of the Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR).

Recent research publications of the department include an article on the development and implementation of an enrolment planning model at CPUT, an article on the application of predictive analytics in predicting students at risk, and a chapter on institutional research and the monitoring of institutional performance in a SAAIR book, Institutional Research in South African Higher Education: Intersecting Contexts and Practices.

The department is working on developing its expertise in the area of predictive learner analytics, with a view to contributing to the University’s objective of improving student success rates.

We are situated in the Administration Building, room 155, first floor, Bellville campus.

Office of the Director:
Dr Siyanda Makaula
Director (Acting):  Institutional Planning
Phone : +27 21 959 6156

Mrs Quanita Behardien
Secretary:  Institutional Planning

Phone: +27 21 959 6263