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Mentoring programme

First-year students and international students on their arrival at CPUT experience difficulties that can have a negative impact on their academic performance. For the first-year the difficulties are about adapting to university life and the challenges of tertiary education.

For the international students, these difficulties are as a result of exposure to new socio-political, economic and cultural values and university life in a new country. The purpose of the mentoring programme is to help first-year and international students to adapt to university life and to gain the necessary skills and confidence to be responsible for their own future.

The mentoring programme remains within the context of a student to student relationship: a senior student (mentor) and a first-year or an international student (mentee) under the supervision of the Student Learning Unit at Fundani Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED).

The programme concentrates on helping students both socially and academically. The mentor receives training on interpersonal skills, intercultural communication and academic literacy.

The Student Learning unit also runs the mentoring programme in student residences. The Student Learning unit has formed partnerships with residence managers in running the mentoring programme.

Lecturers responsible for mentoring

Dr. Nosisana Mkonto

Tel: +27 460 3922