Student Learning

student learning 

The purpose of the Student Learning Unit is to facilitate learning awareness through the integration of essential learning skills to ensure the holistic development of first-year students need to become mature learners who are able to take responsibility for their own growth and development.

The Student Learning Unit’s aim is to promote student learning, progression and success by creating an “empowering environment” through partnerships with all those involved in teaching and learning in and outside CPUT.


The Student Learning Unit supports students academically and socially. Academic support is provided through providing training for peer tutors; supporting students in improving their mathematics competence, particularly in the foundation and the first year; and through assisting students with their academic literacy.

Social support is provided through the mentorship programme (see below) which attempts to restore the social dimension of learning that often gets lost at universities. The mentorship programme serves as a socialisation and enculturationprocess wherein new students fit into the institution.

The Student Learning Unit comprises of the following sub-units:

Contact us

Head of Student Learning (Acting): Najwa Norodien-Fataar
Phone: +27 21 460 3438 
Fax: +27 21 4603711