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Work Integrated Learning Research Unit

img WIL coverUnit leader: Associate Professor James Garraway

Universities of Technology have traditionally identified themselves through close ties with industry, and see themselves at the forefront of university responsiveness to the world of work. However, the complexities of students’ crossing boundaries between two quite different sites of learning, and the need to reconcile more scientific knowledge with work-based knowledge and practices, had not been extensively researched or theorised. These pressures led to the formation of a research unit, WILRU, by small group of dedicated staff in 2002. Ten years on this original group of staff have published extensively, both locally and internationally, in the field of work and learning, and some have obtained higher degrees in this field.

Research interests

Professor Chris Winberg (winbergc@cput.ac.za): Theory and practice in career-focused education (using social realist theory); technical language teaching. Prof Winberg, Director at Fundani, was awarded a prestigious National Research Foundation (NRF) SARChI Chair in Work-Integrated Learning by Minister Naledi Pandor during a ceremony held at the Centre for Book in Cape Town during October 2015.

Associate Professor Penelope Engel-Hills (Engelhills@cput.ac.za): Professional education; Health and Radiography education; research ethics.

Ms. Bridget Wyrley-Birch (Wyrleybirch@cput.ac.za): Radiography education.

Associate Professor James Garraway (garrawayj@cput.ac.za): Knowledge transfer and boundary crossing between university and work and sites of practice; fictive scripting and scenario analyses; activity theory.

Ms Jolanda Morkel: Architectural Education, projects and ITC.

Dr. Lalini Reddy: Assessment in WIL Science programmes.

Ms. Jacqui Scheepers: Service learning

A/Prof Joyce Nduna: FET colleges (Prof Nduna has recently been awarded a EDTPSETA chair in WIL)

Ms. Cheri Hugo and Mr. Sam Wicomb: Design practice and education

Ms. Nuraan Liebenberg: Mentorships in emergency medicine

The original work of the Unit gave rise to the Council on Higher education Work Integrated Good Practice Guide published in 2011 (available at www.che.ac.za) which has influenced university policy and more generally how universities conceptualize the relationship between work and university learning. The unit has been responsible for nearly 60 published scholarly articles, the latest of which is described below.

Latest publications

Garraway, J., Bronkhorst, J. and Wickham, S. (2015). Between college and work in the Further Education and Training College sector. South African Journal of Education, 35 (1).

Garraway, J and Morkel J. (2015). Learning in sites of practice through a CHAT transformatory lens (Chapter 2). In Vivienne Bozalek, Dick Ng’ambi, Denise Wood, Jan Herrington, Joanne Hardman and Alan Amory (Eds.), Activity theory, authentic learning, and emerging technologies: Southern perspectives in higher education. London: Routledge.

Garraway, J. and Morkel, J. 2014. Learning at sites of practice. Progressio, 36 (2).

Garraway, J., Hugo, C. and De Waal, B. (2014). Futures studies and scenarios of degrees in universities of technology. Progressio, 36 (1): 191-205

Garraway, J. and Rip, A. (eds) (2013). University, curriculum and society through a scenario analysis lens. Paradigms 18 (See ‘Paradigms’ in the Fundani drop down menu).

Winberg, C., Engel-Hills, P., Rip, A. & Winberg, S. 2014.  The ethics of curriculum development: engineers and technicians in a context of development. Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology, Ethics’2014, 23-24 May, 2014 Chicago Marriott O’Hare, Chicago, IL, USA. Available at http://sites.ieee.org/ethics-conference/

Leibowitz, B., Bozalek, V., van Schalkwyk, S. & Winberg, C. 2015. Institutional context matters: the professional development of academics as teachers in South African higher education. Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education Research, 69 (2): 315-330. ISSN 0018-1560 10.1007/s10734-014-9777-2

Winberg, C. Ntloko, N. & Ncubukezi, T. 2015. ‘Don’t Leave Before You Understand’: Supporting Masters Candidates in Business Studies, Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning, 3 (1): 1-20.

Winberg, C, Engel-Hills, P, Garraway, J and Jacobs, C. (2013). Professionally orientated knowledge and the role of professionally orientated higher education. Kagisano No. 9, The Aims of Higher Education: 98-119. Pretoria: Council on Higher Education (CHE).

New directions

The unit is currently developing the use of ‘Change laboratories’ (Engestrom) to explore transitions and boundaries between workplaces and universities in Education, in collaboration with the School of Education at UCT. Profesor Engestrom and Dr. Sannino from CRADLE Helsinki conducted a one day workshop on change laboratories in July 2015 at CPUT, hosted by WILRU

Other publications