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Teaching Development Programme (TDP)

The TDP is intended for new lecturers. It is a CPUT course intended to assist new lecturers to develop their practice in higher education teaching, learning and assessment. The TDP is offered in two modules that are roughly equivalent to one term of study each.

The TDP includes a practical component in which the candidate works with a mentor. All new lecturers are invited to attend the TDP during their first year of tenure or contract. The TDP has the following course aims:

  • Enhancement of candidates’ teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • Provision of support for innovative teaching, learning, and assessment
  • Learning through reflection on teaching practice

Candidates who enrol for the TDP are expected to build a basic teaching and learning portfolio and a basic assessment portfolio (see programme below). Candidates would generally work on these portfolios during the TDP semester programme, receive feedback on them, and complete them before the end of the year. Upon successful completion of their portfolios, candidates will receive a CPUT certificate.

2017 TDP Enrolment Form

2017 TDP Programme