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Who We Are

The CTS Division is committed to providing the IT infrastructure and tools to enable academic excellence and business efficiency at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The individual IT sections, listed below, provide innovative, customer-focused solutions to meet the needs of the university community.

IT Strategic Services

The IT Strategic Services unit fulfills a cross-departmental, strategic function within the CTS unit. Its core mandate is to ensure that the CTS department provides reliable and consistent strategic support services to the CPUT community.

Integrated Services and Facilties

ISF Section consists of four sections 1. Facilities :- providing Hosting services to CPUT, 2. Development :- providing Web and Application Development Services, 3. Printing Rooms :- Providing bulk printing services and, 4).IT Centres Management :- Providing open lab facilities and services to staff and students.


CPUT Networks division forms the foundation for the delivery of networking, telephoney, network cabling and network security services to staff, students and visitors to campuses.

Business and Administration systems

BAS unit is responsible for management and maintenance of CPUT’s ERP system called ITS. Services include provision of day to day application and technical support to ITS system users, maintenance of ITS modules (Student Administration, Finance, Payroll and Human Resources) and ensuring that business requirements for enhancements and/or new systems are effectively implemented.

End User Computing Services

EUC deploy, manage and secure the devices, applications and data that CPUT staff require to perform their jobs