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Retirement Fund Annual Report

To learn more about the CPUT Retirement Fund, the way in which it operates and the choices YOU are empowered with, feel free to browse through this site at your leisure.


  • This site contains a summary of the Rules of the Fund. In the event of a conflict between this guide and the Rules, the Rules will apply.
  • The guide also provides information on investments. In this regard, readers should note that past investment performance is not necessarily a guide to future investment performance. The statistics shown in this site are based on past performance.
  • Members may need to seek expert financial advice before making an investment decision or on how to invest their retirement benefit.
  • The information contained in this guide does not constitute advice by either the Board of Trustees or its advisors; and
  • This guide will be updated from time to time; please check the website to ensure that you have the latest version.
  • Every attempt is made to ensure that the material on the web-pages is up to date and accurate.