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Our services are rendered as follows:

Visible Physical Security:  the uniformed security staff maintain a high visibility profile while patrolling the campus on foot and in some instances vehicles (Cars and bi-cycles), and their presence acts as a positive deterrent against potential criminal actions. They highlight areas that are vulnerable and those of negligence, such as doors and windows that have been broken or left unlocked. They are also designated to specific buildings and have become familiar faces to staff. Protection Services (PSD) operates its services on all campuses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their activities are closely monitored, recorded and they continue with close surveillance of buildings and numerous physical patrols. 

Electronic Security:  this involves all physical equipment that has been installed to enhance security effectiveness, such as electric perimeter fencing, electronic access control, gates, and CCTV camera surveillance.  Reviewing of CCTV footage is only done for reviewing crime incidences. For any non-criminal matters a request must be sent to the Manager Protection and Transport Services given reason for reviewing the footage. An applicable fee will be paid if the request is approved. All reported incidences are captured on the departments Chase Management System. Staff and students must use the appropriate incident form.

Awareness:  through regular communication with the community (CPF’s), the South African Police Services (SAPS) as well as meetings and workshops with students and staff, the PSD strives to ensure that there is awareness of security issues, and also provides advice on how to deal with various situations. While the PSD works to provide an effective service, the university community is a large one and members are encouraged to assist by anticipating and recognising a crime or safety risk, and involving the PSD in the implementation of some action, either to reduce or to eliminate that risk. The department also investigates all incidents of crime in close cooperation with the SAPS.