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Action Learning Projects

The staff at CIET believes in researching our own practices. We run a number of collaborative action research projects with academics within and beyond our institution.

Current projects

CIET currently runs the following action learning projects. Let us know if you would like to know more about it or are interesting in joining one of the projects:

Exploring OER practices at CPUT (2015 - 2017)

This project, funded by the Teaching Development Grant, explores current perceptions and practices around Open Educational Resources (OER) by staff and students at CPUT. The first phases consist of collecting data through a survey instrument. In phase 2, we are supporting academics, who are interested in developing OER for their own teaching. Their feedback on the process will help design appropriate support mechanisms for further development of OERs at CPUT. Contact: ivalae@cput.ac.za

The Influence of Rurality on Student Trajectories Through Higher Education: A View from the South (2016 - 2018)

This nationally funded project investigates the teaching and learning practices of your people from rural backgrounds in Higher Education. It explores the dimensions of rurality and its influence on the transitions to higher education amongst students from rural backgrounds in universities in eight Southern African countries. It investigates how students from rural areas learnt in the home, community, and school and how this subsequently influenced their learning at university. Contact: gachagod@cput.ac.za

Outcomes of institutional mergers and lessons learnt from CPUT (Transformation Project) (2014 - 2016)

This URF funded project, investigates staff’s perceptions of the CPUT merger through digital storytelling, interviews, and focus groups. Three digital storytelling workshops have been held with approximately 20 staff members. Currently, we are interviewing these participants to explore the potential such workshops have to reflect on issues of transformation. Contact: gachagod@cput.ac.za

Evaluation of paperless offices, mobile app and e-books (2016 - 2017)

This RIFTAL funded project aims at evaluating a range of recent implementations at CPUT, including the paperless office, CPUTs mobile app and the provision of e-books in the library. Contact: ivalae@cput.ac.za

Multilingual Glossary

The CPUT multilingual glossaries project focuses on subject-specific terminology with the aim of promoting multilingual teaching and learning of key concepts. This project will also contribute to the development of scientific terminologies in African languages for different study fields with the aim of advancing African languages to a status of scientific and academic readiness/ usage. There is a number of subjects across CPUT academic departments that currently have translated and verified multilingual glossaries ready for use, see: http://mlg.cput.ac.za.

Contact mhkizel@cput.ac.za