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Staff member



Associate Professor Joyce Nduna

Director: Centre for Community Engagement and Work-Integrated Learning

Room: H118

Tel: 021 959 6810

E-mail: ndunaj@cput.ac.za

Mrs Bronwyn Abrahams

Administrator: Graduate Recruitment Programme - Co-operative Education Unit

Room: H113

Tel: 021 959 6499

E-mail: abrahamsb@cput.ac.za

Mrs Theresa Burns

Administrator: Service-Learning

Room: H122

Tel: 021 959 6868

E-mail: burnst@cput.ac.za

Ms Zimkitha Mbunge

Acting Administrator: Co-operative Education Unit

Room: H112

Tel: 021 959 5865

E-mail: mbungez@cput.ac.za

Mr Rumarques Olyn

Admin Assistant: Co-operative Education Unit

Room: H103

Tel: 021 959 6226

E-mail: olynr@cput.ac.za

Mrs Jacqueline Scheepers

Manager: Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Unit

Room: H120

Tel: 021 959 6869

E-mail: scheepersj@cput.ac.za

Ms Ziyanda Tobani

Admin Assistant: Civic Engagement

Room: Between H122 & H123

Tel: 021 959 5864

E-mail: tobaniz@cput.ac.za

Mr Dumisani Xesha

SETA Projects Officer: Co-operative Education Unit

Room: H111

Tel: 021 959 6507

E-mail: xeshad@cput.ac.za

Mr Vuyo Mhlontlo

Administrator - 2nd Chance Matric Project: Service-Learning/Civic Engagement Unit

Room: H103

Tel: 021 953 8439

E-mail: mhlontlov@cput.ac.za