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Civic Engagement

Introduction to Civic Engagement

The concept of civic engagement at CPUT encompasses voluntary and community-based activities that operate independently of the learning outcomes of academic programmes. As these activities are NOT integrated into the mainstream curriculum students are not awarded marks for their participation. This makes these activities different from service-learning.

Role of the Civic Engagement Unit

The main role of the Civic Engagement Unit is to provide a holistic institutional picture of non-curricular community-based activities carried out by both staff and students of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The unit also provides support for the initiation of

  • non-curricular activities by students through facilitating partnerships with NGOs,
  • departments, the private sector and communities.


Civic engagement provides non-curricular opportunities for administrative staff, student societies/clubs and academic staff and allows them to contribute to socio-economic development through a wide range of activities. It prepares students for good citizenship by raising awareness of the need for social responsibility and commitment to building South Africa’s future economically, politically and socially.

Civic engagement aims at developing students and staff with the following attributes:

  • Intellectual Imagination:  Ability to see the unseen, challenge the status quo and suggest that things could be done differently.
  • Personal Initiative:  Making things happen and celebrating the satisfaction of bringing new things into being, independent, proactive and self starting.
  • Spirit of Selflessness, passion and integrity:  Recognition that ultimate personal satisfaction comes from empowering oneself in order that one may serve others.
  • Courageous Commitment:  The courage and dedication to continue, realizing that applying consistent commitment has a way of overcoming.

With these attributes civic engagement aims at capital development that includes a combination of human, entrepreneurial and social capital.

Who to contact

Ms Jacqueline Scheepers
Tel: 021 959 6869
Email: scheepersj@cput.ac.za

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