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Technology Transfer and Industrial Linkages

What is Technology Transfer?

  • Technology transfer is the process of sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, methods and samples of manufacturing and facilities with government and other institutions/ organizations to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users and for the benefit of society.
  • Technology Transfer is the process of transferring scientific and technological advances from research laboratories to the commercial sector. The ability to take a concept from research and make a useful product and/or provide a new service. Formation of links with Industry. This is innovation.
  • The primary tool for successful Technology Transfer is Intellectual Property (IP). The categories of IP are: Trade Secrets, know-how, inventions, technologies, patents, copyright, designs and trademarks.
  • It is the Assignment of IP that has been generated in one place to another place through legal means, the secondary tool of Technology Transfer, such as Technology Transfer contacts often called Licensing Agreements.
  • In terms of university research and development, IP refers to any work or creation that emanates from the mental efforts of staff or students that is capable of being protected by the law which prevents use by any other party.

The strategy of the Technology Transfer Office

  • The aim of the TTO is to facilitate, protect and enhance the transfer of IP from CPUT to the business sector to enhance commercialization for the upliftment of the communities we serve while at the same time generating royalty income for the university and the applicant.
  • The TTO is established to counsel and support the research units, centres and institutes and faculties of the University and to foster new thinking by helping researchers to go beyond publication and into commercialization through technology innovation.
  • Other functions of the TTO are to help foster research partnerships with the business sector when IP is likely to be created through license agreements and to assist with the establishment of business units and spin-off companies.
  • The message to all researchers within CPUT is to become informed about IP management and commercialization and the rewards that go therewith.
  • It is extremely important to identify IP and to ensure its effective protection before any form of publication is made anywhere in the world.
  • Also to put in place licensing before any technology transfer occurs. The TTO will help in this regard and aims to provide one-on-one consultations and from time-to-time will present workshops to research entities, faculties, staff and students regarding technology transfer.
  • The TTO will bring in individuals from the business community to participate and network with university personnel to promote innovation in an effort to build cooperation and collaboration between the academic and business communities.
  • All staff and students of CPUT are encouraged to visit the TTO and to come and ask questions and seek information on technology transfer issues of their interest.    

TTO Contract Data Form

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