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Study Abroad

Exchange Student Programme

Exchange students are nominated by their institutions for short term study programmes at an international institution (three to six months) as part of a memorandum of understanding agreement (MOU) between CPUT and an international institution. International students who want to be part of this exchange programme at CPUT must work through their International office for guidance and begin planning six to eight months in advance. CPUT students who wish to be part of an Exchange Student Programme will work through their departmental teaching and learning coordinator or contact the SIP office for information.

During an Exchange Student Programme:

  • CPUT has a formal agreement with the overseas institution
  • You remain enrolled at CPUT/International institution for the duration of your time overseas
  • Credit from your overseas study will usually count towards your course at your home institution as part of the exchange agreement
  • You must be nominated and approved for the exchange program by the exchange coordinator at your institution
  • You continue to pay your normal fees at your home institution (the cost to the overseas institution is part of the exchange agreement between the two institutions)
  • Travel, accommodation and living costs are for the student’s account

Benefits of being an Exchange Student:

  • Allows you to experience what it is like to live and learn in another country, which, for many, is an eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Enables you to add to the knowledge that you are learning in your home country by trying new specialisations and learning in a different cultural context.
  • Provides budding linguists with an opportunity to immerse themselves in another language and develop their skills in a foreign study environment.
  • International experience is attractive on a CV and will pique a potential employer’s interest.

Timeline for applying:

Begin planning six to eight months in advance.


  • Semester one: January – June (apply by 1 August)
  • Semester two: July – December (apply by 1 February)


  • Semester one: July – December (six months before departure)
  • Semester two: January – June (six months before departure)

For information on the courses on offer at CPUT: Faculty and Short Course Information

Contact the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships for further information.