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Calls and Opportunities

ROB 5735

Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships (SIP) shares various research engagement opportunities, fellowships, and industry collaborations for students and researchers. These programs provide valuable experiences and can enhance one's academic and professional profile. Research engagement opportunities from CPUT and stakeholders include participation in research projects, conferences, seminars, and workshops. These activities allow individuals to collaborate with other researchers, share knowledge, and stay updated with the latest developments in their field.

Opportunities such as fellowships can provide financial support and resources for researchers to pursue their research interests. These programmes often include mentorship and training opportunities, helping fellows develop their research skills and advance their careers.

Industry collaborations through SIP, faculties and other CPUT departments could offer researchers the chance to work closely with companies and organisations on research projects. These collaborations can lead to innovative solutions, new technologies, and valuable industry connections.

Overall, research engagement opportunities, fellowships, and industry collaborations at CPUT provide valuable experiences for researchers and students, helping them advance their careers and make meaningful contributions to their fields.

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