Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships (SIP) resides in the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) and is the custodian of all strategic initiatives and partnerships (local and international) at CPUT, primarily based in the RTI portfolio but also linked to the teaching and learning, and community engagement portfolios. The nexus of the unit is the uptake of research through technology and innovation using the CPUT research strategy (the RTI blueprint) as a guiding vehicle.


  1. Identify, develop and manage strategic partnerships (national and international) that support the attainment of the vision of the long-term RTI strategy.
  2. Provide institutional RTI Strategic Planning leadership through the conceptualisation and development of strategic interventions and programmes which support the advancement of the RTI blueprint.
  3. Provide oversight and direction to the implementation of strategic programmes and interventions amongst responsible directorates in the RTI portfolio.
  4. Build a culture of RTI practices and appropriate systems of support to promote research uptake.
  5. Monitor the implementation of RTI strategic plan.

The CPUT innovation system


Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships


The CPUT innovation system plays a major role in the CPUT research agenda. Innovation at CPUT refers to the definition of innovation as expressed by the National Advisory Council on Innovation’s (NACI) as ‘the process of transforming an idea, generally generated through R&D, into a new or improved service, product, process or approach that relates to the real needs of society and involves scientific, technological, organisational or commercial activities’. SIP channels the CPUT strategic initiatives through the CPUT innovation system focusing on a quintuple helix model linking government, universities, commerce, people and NGOs. CPUT’s innovation system uses the cradle to cradle approach to identify real-life problems in conjunction with various role players and stakeholders and, using our value chain approach of research to technology to innovation, endeavours to achieve value to society as per our uptake focus – see box.


Acting Director: Strategic, Initiatives and Partnerships

Prof Ephias Ruhode

Email: ruhodee@cput.ac.za

Office Administrator: Ms Nosiviwe Majamani

Email : majamanin@cput.ac.za