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Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

The Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships (SIP) Directorate resides in the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Technology Innovation and Partnerships (RTIP). It is the custodian of all strategic initiatives, partnerships (local and international) and engagements at CPUT, based on the RTIP portfolio but also linked to the learning and teaching and community engagement portfolios. The Directorate is fully committed to expanding national and international collaborations, connections to scientific and transformative networks, and opportunities for staff and student mobility in alignment with CPUT's Vision 2030. In addition, the SIP Directorate focuses on the uptake of research through technology and innovation using the CPUT research strategy (the RTIP Blueprint 3.0) as a guiding framework.

In the realignment of the various phases and functions of the Int’l of HE, SIP is aligned to CPUT - Vision 2030, Policy Framework for the Internationalisation of Higher Education (2019), the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP 2030) requirements, the STI (Science, Technology, and Innovation) (Science, Technology, and Innovation) White Paper (2018) and the African Agenda 2063. The alignment of global, continental and national frameworks impacts supply leadership in differentiated niche areas. The decolonial agenda of academic projects underpin the strategy of the Directorate.

In the Directorate's response to the construct of globalisation, we are still mindful of the reality in the context of the interdependency of global economies and intercultural engagement. In the contemporary global existence of the widening divide in material conditions, health crises, geopolitics and identity politics, the mandate of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) broadly supplies a framework for the internationalisation agenda.


  • Identify, develop, and manage strategic partnerships (national and international) that support the attainment of the vision of the long-term RTIP strategy and CPUT's Vision 2030.
  • Provide institutional RTIP Strategic Planning leadership through the conceptualisation and development of strategic interventions and programmes that support the RTIP blueprint's advancement.
  • Initiate strategic international partnerships that enhance Research, Teaching and Learning and Community Engagement paradigms at CPUT.
  • Drive the Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) through engagement with the academic community and strategic international partners.=
  • Provide a platform for research mobility and joint research proposal development.
  • Initiate and facilitate staff and student mobility.
  • Create a multi-cultural, inclusive environment cognisant of CPUT's rich heritage and diversity.
  • Strengthen CPUT's national and international profile and visibility.
  • Attracting smart international students and staff.
  • Build a culture of RTIP practices and appropriate systems of support to promote research uptake.
  • Monitor the implementation of RTIP's strategic plan.

There are two portfolios currently residing within the Directorate:

International Relations

The International Relations portfolio is responsible for driving the process of comprehensive internationalisation aligned to CPUT's Vision 2030 and providing support to the Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships (SIP) Directorate in fulfilling its core mandate to internationalise the campus. This is achieved through developing strategic initiatives and partnerships in the international domain for research, teaching and learning and community engagement, as well as driving and enhancing the Internationalisation at Home (IaH), and Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) paradigm as critical pillars of the university. The portfolio seeks to position CPUT as a world-class player, one who is globally recognised whilst remaining locally relevant to the needs of society.

Research Uptake

The Research Uptake portfolio supports the Director's Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships that primarily uphold, maintain, and support the Research, Technology, and Innovation (RTIP) strategy and is supported by CPUT's Vision 2030. To address internal (researchers and institutional) and external (funders and beneficiaries) stakeholder requirements and to disseminate an uptake strategy when planning, carrying out and evaluating the research. This includes coordinating such activities, identifying calls and partnerships, and developing strategic plans in collaboration with the Director, to strengthen the CPUT's research uptake and internationalisation strategy to liaise with embassies, CPUT faculties, Research Chairs, and other portfolios.

Contact us

Director: Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Prof Judy Peter
Email: peterj@cput.ac.za
Tel: +27 21 959 6504
Office: Ground Floor, Administration Building | PO Box 1906 Bellville 7535

Administrator to Director: Strategic, Initiatives and Partnerships

Ms Xolelwa Bashala
Email: bashalax@cput.ac.za
Tel: +27 21 959 4502
Office: Ground Floor, Administration Building | PO Box 1906 Bellville 7535