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Focus area 3: Smart Energy

Smart Energy levers synergies among innovations in Energy across all sectors of the Electrical, Chemical, Thermal/Fossil Fuel Energy Systems and involves transdisciplinary collaboration and technologies. This is crucial to a sustainable energy future. The Research Focus Area encourages extensive use of the “smartness” that digital innovations enable across areas such as energy production, transportation, efficient use and transfer of energy, and the general power system improvement to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The innovative exploratory research areas mapped by the research under this Research Focus Area will achieve solutions tailored to the NDP/SDG 2030 context.

The following Research Niche Areas, amongst others, are broadly encouraged in the Research Focus Area:

  • Research Niche Area 1: E –Mobility and Transportation
  • Research Niche Area 2: Energy Production, Use and Access
  • Research Niche Area 3: Energy Efficient Agriculture and Human Settlement
  • Research Niche Area 4: Power System Improvements, Smart Grids and Microgrids

Research Focus Area Leader:

Prof Mohamed Tariq Kahn - KhanT@cput.ac.za