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Focus area 1: Bio-Economy and Biotechnology

One of the key aims of the South African bio-economy strategy, is the shift from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy; an economy that will focus on sustainable resource management and the protection of biodiversity. This approach will only be successful if the Biotechnology industry is integrated into the mainstream economy, allowing for the sustainable use of natural resources and the implementation of sustainable production practices. Bearing in mind how rapidly the biotechnology landscape changes, a fusion of technologies and collaboration across disciplines will be essential in driving new and innovative discoveries. At the CPUT cross- and trans-disciplinary research that can contribute towards driving innovation in South Africa is encouraged. Research Niche Areas within this Research Focus Area are aimed at ‘breaking down silos’ through engendering strategic partnerships (national and international), encouraging knowledge exchange, driving capacity building, and ultimately working towards fulfilling the innovation chain of discovery through to product development.

The Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute is linked to this Research Focus Area and aims to promote the growth of Biotechnology-based research at CPUT.

The following Research Niche Areas are currently associated with this Research Focus Area:

  • Research Niche Area 1: Biocatalysis and Enzyme Production
  • Research Niche Area 2: Chemoprevention
  • Research Niche Area 3: Oxidative Stress in Health and Disease Development
  • Research Niche Area 4: Natural Products Chemistry
  • Research Niche Area 5: Functional Foods
  • Research Niche Area 6: Sports Performance and Supplementation
  • Research Niche Area 7: Proteomics
  • Research Niche Area 8: Community-Based Knowledge Translation

Research Focus Area Leader:

Dr. Marilize Le Roes-Hill - leroesm@cput.ac.za