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CPUT Research Focus Areas

The CPUT Research Focus Areas play an important role in the development of research expertise and to provide an institutional view of the CPUT research strengths and foci. The Research Focus Areas provide a significant foundation for the CPUT Smart RTIP Strategy and gives voice to the trans-disciplinary research approach used at CPUT. The Research Focus Areas are each populated with Research Niche Areas to enhance the bulk of CPUT’s research, technology and innovation efforts and resources. These provide the mainstays around which capacity and strengths are developed in terms of our academic and research objectives. The current six Research Focus Areas are directly aligned to chapters in the South African National Development Plan 2030 in terms of competitiveness and relevance to South Africa and to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in terms of competitiveness and relevance to the global earth. These Research Focus Areas are further strengthened through the appointment of Research Chairs. Below are the overarching descriptions of the Research Focus Areas and the Research Niche Areas supporting the Research Focus Areas.

  • Research Focus Area 1: Bio-economy and Biotechnology
  • Research Focus Area 2: Space Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Research Focus Area 3: Smart Energy
  • Research Focus Area 4: The Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Research Focus Area 5: Human, Health and Social Dynamics
  • Research Focus Area 6: The Digital Society

Contact: Ms Hunadi Mokgalaka, Manager Research Uptake - mokgalakah@cput.ac.za