CPUT Research Focus Areas

CPUT places a high premium on its seven research focus areas:

Research Focus AreasThese research focus areas provide the mainstays around which capacity and strengths are developed in terms of teaching and learning and RTI.

The list of CPUT's research focus areas leaders:


Climate Change & Environment Prof Beatrice Opeolu opeolub@cput.ac.za
Bio-economy & Biotechnology Prof Jeanine Marnewick marnewickj@cput.ac.za
Space Science & Technology Prof Robert van Zyl vanzylr@cput.ac.za
Energy Prof Raynitchka Tzoneva tzonevar@cput.ac.za
Human & Social Dynamics (including issues related to Service) Prof Janet Condy condyj@cput.ac.za
Economic Growth & International Competitiveness Dr Liiza Gie giel@cput.ac.za
Design for Sustainability Prof Ephias Ruhode Ruhodee@cput.ac.za