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Fellowships with a stipend of R350 000 p.a. will be paid for a period of 3 years

Overview of Innovation Fellow Initiative

Cape Peninsula University of Technology seeks to be a leader in the field of innovation. In this spirit, the university has created a new category of researcher directed at innovation. The researcher will focus on innovation related research and/or creative outputs. It is envisaged that this will allow the University to grow its Innovation pipeline significantly, with a concomitant increase in Innovation related funding as well as increased contract research capacity.

The CPUT Innovation Fellow is distinct from a postdoctoral fellow. Thus the Innovation Fellow will typically be appointed to the position following gaining experience as a postdoctoral fellow. Thus the Fellow will be an early stage academic younger than 35 years with a PhD and a few years of postdoctoral experience.

The Innovation Fellow will dedicate a minimum of 80% of his/her time on Innovation research and or Creative outputs. He/she will be appointed for a period of three years extendable by a maximum of one year during which time he/she will produce a single innovation or creative output meeting the DHET criteria for credits.

The Faculty of Engineering hereby invites applications for Innovation Fellows in the following areas:

i.               Localisation of manufactured goods (Reference 2019-IF01-LMG)

There are very few if any cases, at any time in economic history, where a country has achieved sustained and sustainable economic development, that have not been led by manufacturing The manufacturing sector has high economic multipliers because of its value addition, linkages to the upstream production sectors of the economy (mining and agriculture) and the downstream sectors, including services; and because of its all-round contribution to strengthening integrated value chains.

Localisation is thus an important tool for industrial development in South Africa and will assist in growing the economy and the manufacturing sector. This is the underlying basis for the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP).

ii.               Innovative solutions for the petrochemical industry (Reference 2019-IF02-SPI)

Corrosion of mild steel by naphthenic acids becomes apparent at operating temperatures in excess of 220°C with a maximum at approximately 280°C. Naphthenic acid corrosion can be counteracted by removal or neutralisation of the naphthenic acids by modifying fluid velocity conditions where possible and by proper selection of the constructional materials.

The preference is that the fellow focus on (i) pipeline monitoring devices to, inter alia, assess and determine the type of crude entering the pipeline; and (ii) monitoring metal thinning.

Technology solutions may be directed at enabling operators to access real-time data in their pipeline operations centre, providing superior visibility and enabling rapid response to changing conditions.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences hereby invites applications for Innovation Fellows in the following areas:

iii.               Innovative foods from indigenous RSA plant/animal products (Reference 2019-IF03-FIP)

South Africa ranks as one of the top ten countries with three out of a total of 35 global hotspots. Thus the development of a Bio-economy is an important goal.

The term “Bio-economy” encompasses biotechnological activities and processes that translate into economic outputs, particularly those with industrial application. Within the South African context these may include, but are not limited to, technological and non-technological exploitation of natural resources such as animals, plant biodiversity, micro-organisms and minerals to improve human health, address food security and subsequently contribute to economic growth and improved quality of life.

The preference is that the fellow focus on one or more plants indigenous to South Africa and the production of valuable foods or nutraceuticals from this material.


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 Closing Date: 29 March 2019