Postgraduate information

Postgraduate Studies @ CPUT

In the booklet “Postgraduate Studies @ CPUT” we have included as much information as possible for the guidance of students intending to register or already registered for postgraduate studies at CPUT. Please download the booklet for your daily use: Postgraduate Studies @ CPUT

Postgraduate Forum

The Postgraduate Forum provides opportunities for postgraduate students to join the academic community.  It provides a platform to develop awareness of national and global priorities through seminars that focus on the broad issues of innovation, business skills, intellectual property, ethics and research integrity.

Postgraduate students at CPUT can also participate in relevant training programmes on research and study skills including literature search, research design, research methodology, research writing and data analysis.  We facilitate these on requests from faculties.

For more information about the Postgraduate Forum, please contact Ms Lillian Bingo at

Research writing

Writing in research requires certain styles especially when referring to works written by other people.  The following resources relate to research writing:

Item File
Guidelines for research proposals Document
Research and the Harvard method of bibliographic citation: a research writing and style guide Document
Harvard for beginners Document
Thesis template Document
Guidelines for article-based thesis Document


Prior to examination, theses and dissertations must be free of various forms of errors.  These works require to be edited for accuracy especially as they are placed for public scrutiny in the library.

Contact Liz van Aswegen (retired CPUT academic) for academic editing services: +27 21 461 2650 / +27 82 883 5763 or

Available for the editing of scientific documents:  Dr Lynn McMaster. Contact +27 79 117 0998 (cell) or email

To find out about editing services at Stellenbosch University Language Centre, please click here.

To find out about editing and translation services by people accredited by the South African Translators' Institute, please click here.

DHET accredited publications

Postgraduate students are required to submit (Masters)/ publish (Doctorate) an article in a DHET-accredited journal before they can graduate.  The accredited journals are listed here. Please also see the HDC 1.8 form under Committees.

Thesis submission process

It is a requirement that postgraduate students submit a corrected version of their dissertation/ thesis to the library. This must be a hardbound copy and an electronic copy with signatories as outlined in the Thesis submission process form.

Faculty research coordinators/ Chairpersons/ Assistant deans

Postgraduate studies are coordinated in the faculties and research units by the faculty research coordinators (FRCs) or chairpersons or assistant deans. The CPGS liaises directly with the FRCs in respect of postgraduate study. They are therefore the first port of call for students in all matters relating to postgraduate studies.

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Dr L Sibali
Tel: +27 21 460 4243

Faculty of Business
Prof F Netswera
Tel: +27 21 460 8339

Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
Prof P du Toit
Tel: +27 21 680 1532

Faculty of Engineering
Prof M Moll
Tel: +27 21 953 6897

Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences
Dr D Bester
Tel: +27 21 959 6760

Faculty of Informatics and Design
Prof R de la Harpe
Tel: +27 21 469 1015