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Research Training

The unit focuses on assisting academics with developing and strengthening scholarly academic identities through attempting to provide answers to the question who do individuals want to be as an academic?

The mandate is executed through providing an enabling environment, which will contribute to the completion of degrees, publication of research, the establishment of research niches, finding funding and the establishment of networks for research and funding purposes.

The unit offers an open door, advice, connections, workshops, writing retreats, the fostering of networks across disciplines and the sharing of experiences of academics at various levels across the institution.

The first network that developed organically from the unit’s work is the CPUT Academic Research Group (CARG) and it is administratively being supported by the unit.

The unit also supports the visibility of research at CPUT by being responsible for the updating of the CPUT researcher database and championing the nomination of researchers for research awards and prizes.


Manager: Research Capacity Development

Tel: +27 21 959 6249

Office: Research Directorate, Room 2.8, Administration Building, District Six Campus