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DHET Accredited Publications

DHET approved research publications are submitted to the DHET at the beginning of May every year to claim the subsidy. (The CPUT internal deadline is 28 February 2018.) This process is governed by the DHET Research Outputs Policy of 2015, which was published in the Government Gazette on 11 March 2015. The DHET Research Outputs Policy (2015) replaces the DHET Policy for the Measurement of Research Outputs of Public Higher Education Institutions (2003). To access these policy documents, click here:

DHET Research Outputs Policy (2015)

DHET Communique 2 of 2015 (Important information from the DHET on the implementation of the revised outputs policy)

Research publications recognised for subsidy purposes include:

  • Articles in journals which appear on the lists of DHET approved journals supplied annually (scroll down for lists)
  • Peer-reviewed scholarly books and conference proceedings that meet certain criteria (as outlined in this document)

Lists of DHET approved publications

Title File
DHET accredited list for journal articles published in 2019 
The DHET instructed that the following list will be used by researchers when selecting where to publish their work in 2019. This list includes 2019 DHET, ISI, IBSS, Norwegian, ScieLO SA and Scopus.
DHET accredited list for journal articles published in 2018 
The DHET instructed that the following list be used to submit outputs published in 2018


Submitting DHET accredited output to claim subsidy

Researchers should submit their publications to the Research Directorate according to the instructions in this document. On receipt of a published journal article, with volume, issue, date and page numbers (not "accepted for ublication", "in press" or in electronic format, unless an electronic journal), authors should submit a clear copy of the journal article, or a pdf, to  Ms Luyolo Kamati ( )  at the Research Directorate, Cape Town.

The same applies to books/ book chapters and published conference proceedings (with an ISBN/ ISSN and evidence of peer review).

Examples of peer review process:
Conference proceeding click here.

Allocation of Publication Subsidy Fund

Unit = R 107 222 for 2017/2018

Allocation of subsidy DHET Subsidy inclusion for Researchers/Staff
  • 5%: Central Research Fund
  • 10%: Research Subsidy Administration
  • 40%: Research Reserve Account
  • 25%: Authors
  • 20%: Faculty/Unit
  • No cash payment to authors
  • Fund are paid into authors' research cost codes, to be used for research-related expenses
  • On retirement, resignation or death, funds revert to faculty/unit
  • Small equipment less than R25 000 not provided by department or faculty
  • Any piece of a tangible asset that has a life expectancy of generally more than one year and which is not consumed in the normal course of the research project.
  • Fieldwork travel per km @CPUT rates
  • Accommodation (3-star or less) if the site of data collection is more than 100km both ways from the campus of operation @ CPUT rates
  • Daily subsistence @ CPUT rates
  • International study visits, workshops and conferences
  • Remuneration for research assistants (see Guidelines)
  • Local conferences: registration, travel, accommodation
  • Proofreading and editing of manuscripts for publication in DHET accredited journals
  • Subscriptions to professional bodies
  • Textbooks, books and journal subscriptions
  • Non-standard computers and computer software specific to a research project, Internet vouchers
  • Personal computers, laptops, printers
  • Printing and binding of staff dissertations/theses
  • Page fees for journal publications in non-accredited journals. (Page fees for journal publications in accredited journals are paid from the faculties’ allocation of the DHET publications subsidy.)

**Postgraduate students are not eligible for DHET subsidy

Research writing tools

To download Research and the Harvard method of bibliographic citation: a research writing and style guide, click here. To download Harvard For Beginners, click here.

Editing of dissertations/theses and manuscripts for publication

Dr Liz van Aswegen
Academic editing services
Tel: +27 21 461 2650
Cell: +27 82 883 5763

Dr Lynn McMaster
Scientific editing
Tel: +27 21 671 3895
Cell: +27 79 117 0998

Mr Johan Uys
Cell: 083 325 0376

To find out about editing services at Stellenbosch University Language Centre, click here.

To find out about editing and translation services by the South African Translators' Institute (SATI)-accredited members, click here.