Launch of the South African Research Chair in Teacher Education and  The Global Institute for Teacher Education Society (GITES)

On Thursday 12 February 2015, educators, teachers, postgraduate students assembled at the Granger Bay Hotel School in Cape Town's Waterfront to discuss teacher education and officially launch the South African Research Chair in Teacher Education.

Teacher education has been the focus of many national strategies since the advent of democracy. Each of these strategies has led to extensive policy renewal. From 2000 the main policy approach has been that teacher education programmes should shift towards a competence approach, highlighting the need for minimum standards - with new teachers required to demonstrate not only foundational and practical teaching competence, but also reflexive competence.

Teacher education has not yet received the concerted research attention that it warrants. What is the current state of teacher education in South Africa and what might count as good practice strategies for the sector, and how might these be generated? How could teachers in schools be best supported? What are the strengths and shortcomings in the current provision of teacher education in South Africa? In this regard, the focus of the day is to share experiences about teacher education from the perspective of international and national experts and practitioners to inform South African research, policy, and practice.

Event programme

Highlights from the launch

Overview of Colloquium & GITES: Teachers,Teaching and Teacher Education in the post-2015 global education agenda