October 2017

SAERA 2017 Various panels and presentations.

19th October - Western Cape Social Cohesion Roundtable (held with Institute for Justice and Reconciliation)

23rd October - Eastern Cape Social Cohesion Roundtable at Nelson Mandela University

September 2017

UKFIET Conference In Oxford, UK

Final UK dissemination event 'Engaging Teachers in Peacebuilding', UCL, London: 

June 2017

Bristol Conversations in Education

March 2017

Research Partners meeting in Brighton - 'Engaging Teachers in Peacebuilding'

27th March  - Public Symposium at the University of Sussex 'Engaging Teachers in Peacebuilding'

December 2016

Special issue of the Journal Education as Change

June 2016

Changing what universities teach is a process, not a single event - article co-written by Prof Sayed

May 2016

Teachers and Social Cohesion Roundtable

The event is a collaborative effort between the Department of Basic Education (DBE), the Global Institute for Teacher Education Society (GITES), CPUT, the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and UNICEF, South Africa to stimulate dialogue, discussion, collaboration, and networking amongst policymakers and stakeholders on the role of teachers in promoting Social Cohesion in South Africa. It draws from emerging findings from a UNICEF/ESRC-funded project which explored how teachers are framed and supported in their roles as peace builders, how they experience this support, how their practices and attitudes are influenced by national and international educational policies, and what some of the outcomes are for learners.

Links for event participation:

Links to UNICEF/ESRC research outputs:

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Address delivered by the Basic Education Deputy Minister Mr. Enver Surty

News report on the event (with gallery)

Thuto Newsletter

Going Global 2016 - Teachers, teaching and teacher education in the SDGs


March 2016

World Bank Group Fragility, Conflict and Violence Forum 2016

CIES Conference 2016

8th Policy Dialogue Forum of the Teacher Task Force for Education 2030

The 8th Policy Dialogue Forum of the Teacher Task Force took place in Mexico City on 15-17 March 2016 with a focus on sharing relevant policies, practices and tools among international key stakeholders with a view to facilitating the understanding, implementation and monitoring of the teacher-related target in the SDGs and new the education agenda.

Education as Change

The journal ‘Education as Change’ has issued a Call for Papers [PDF 225.30KB] for a Special Issue on 'Teachers and Social Cohesion In Diverse Contexts In The Global South'. Papers must have a focus on research on education in relation to social cohesion and justice with the intention of fostering comparative perspectives on countries in the global South. 

February 2016

Workshops, public lecture and events with University of Rwanda's College of Education

1. UR-CE community provides insights into research on teacher's engagement in peacebuilding

2. Public lecture, critical reference group workshops and workshops with project partners in Rwanda

3. Mastercard Foundation, Bristol and University of Rwanda College of Education: 'Enabling Teachers, Enabling Youth: Strengthening Teacher Quality in Secondary Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa'. Formal launch of the Inter-Country Quality Node (ICQN) in Rwanda with ADEA, UNICEF and Rwanda’s  Minister of Education.

June 2015

Teacher Professionalism Seminar, South African Council of Education (SACE)

Teacher unions, universities, government and civil society meet on teacher professionalism

Seminar at the South African Council of Education (SACE), Centurion

March 2015

Project Launch in Cape Town

Project Launch in Cape Town [PDF 108.22KB]