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SAP University Alliance Member

Centre for Enterprise, Research, Partnership and Innovation in Africa (CERPIA)


To be the leader in the provision of enterprise innovation education in Africa

The goal of CERPIA is to:
  • Educate and build talent next generation talents with SAP skills for the intelligent enterprise and the experience economy, engage with SAP events, build industry partnerships, launch graduates into the SAP ecosystem, and inspire young thinkers.
CERPIA seeks to:
  • open new channels to share thought leadership and collaborate with other thought leaders in academia and industry on the technologies and innovation methodologies driving the digital transformation of industries
  • connect companies recruiting next generation leaders with purpose driven students and graduates who have digital transformation knowledge and skills
  • conduct SAP Next-Gen projects which may include industry partners (software access will depend on the use case)
  • become preferred venues for SAP Next-Gen events

Program Overview

The course provides students with a broad basic knowledge of the core business processes, business interrelations, and integration of business processes supported by SAP ERP. After in-class training, students take the “SAP Certified Business Process Associate certification examination. Upon passing the examination, they become a certified associate. This SAP certificate is fully recognized in the industry and gives students a uniquely competitive set of qualifications for their future careers.

  • Execute tasks with confidence and skill.
  • Individuals with SAP skills are highly sought after, they often receive pay increases that outpace the market.
  • Exclusive access to SAP's private website which contains important news items, help documents, patches and other software.
  • Distinguish yourself in the current marketplace by becoming an SAP® Certified Associate.

Detailed Program

Course Target Audience
SAP ERP Procurement Foundation All disciplines
SAP TS410 All disciplines
SAP ERP Foundation Sales and Distribution (SD) Retail Management studies
SAP ERP Foundation Project Management (PS) Project Management studies
Information Systems studies
SAP ERP Foundation Production Planning (PP) Business Administration studies
Industrial Engineering studies
SAP ERP Foundation Financial/Cost Accounting (FI/CO) Accounting studies
Internal Auditing studies
Financial Information System studies
Cost and Management Accounting studies
SAP ERP Foundation Human Capital Management (HCM) HR students
Public Management studies
Business Administration studies
SAP ERP Foundation Warehouse Management (WM) Supply Chain and Logistics studies
SAP ERP Foundation Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Supply Chain and Logistics studies
Industrial Engineering studies

Depending on the group of students and the sponsor, the program can be tailored to fit the students’ availability.