Centre for Communication Studies


To foster human-centred relevance and excellence in research that is directed at bridging communication theory and practice in the fields of media, design, digital engagement, and the arts.

The Centre generates and welcomes proposals for project partnerships and collaborations in the following research niche areas:

Interdisciplinary communication studies in:

  • Media Studies,
  • Design Studies,
  • Informatics,
  • The built environment (Architecture & Interior Design, and Urban & Regional Planning)

i.e. the intersections of art, design, media and informatics, where meaning is constructed through the design, production and distribution of artefacts, with a focus on both digital and analogue.

Transdisciplinary research related to communication studies in:

  • Digital Media
  • Community Informatics
  • Health Systems
  • Design for sustainability
  • Design for community

i.e. studies in the CPUT RTI Focus Areas in terms of Vision 2030:

  • Human, Health and Social Dynamics
  • The Digital Society
  • The Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability

Outputs generated and supported

  • Text-based research such as journal articles, books, conference proceedings etc.
  • Creative research outputs in media, design, informatics, and the built environment
  • Descriptions, plans or development ideas for intellectual property suitable for marketable and employment-generating patents, copyright or trademarks

Although the Centre does not have an in-house production facility, it does facilitate practice-based projects to encourage creative research outputs and intellectual property development