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Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute (AMHBI)

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The Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute (AMHBI) is mandated to conduct excellent research with a strong multi- and transdisciplinary focus in line with CPUT’s Research, Technology and Innovation Blueprint. Research is aimed at the development of bio-based products that can be applied to reduce relevant health risks such as selected chronic diseases plaguing the African continent. The researcher and students at AMHBI strive to achieve this through integrated research in Biotechnology while encouraging the development of key scarce skills in the realisation of South Africa’s Bio-economy strategy.

The core business of the institute is three-fold: the training of postgraduate students in the scarce skills areas of Biocatalysis, Biomarkers, Biotechnology, Chemoprevention, Oxidative Stress, Proteomics and related research fields, the sourcing of funding to allow for research to take place within these particular niche areas, and the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and technologies related to these niche areas. In addition, the institute is involved in the following:

  • Special lectures for Faculties on subjects related to these niche areas
  • Interaction with national initiatives (e.g. the Biocatalysis initiative)
  • Development and expansion of national and international partnerships
  • Potential commercialisation of products Interaction and engagement with respective industry partners.


To be a research entity of excellence, creating leaders in the field of redox biology, biocatalysis and chemoprevention in order to find solutions to relevant diseases and contributing towards the realization of South Africa’s Bio-economy strategy.

Mission Statement

The research entity strives towards the following:

  • Discovery and application of novel actinobacterial enzymes and other bio-active compounds for their health application and potential innovative product development
  • Contributing to and further elucidation of redox biology in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Elucidation of mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis to prevent and/or reduce cancer incidence on the African continent
  • Utilization of our indigenous flora as possible nutraceuticals serving as preventative strategies against relevant diseases on the African continent
  • Training of the next generation of biotechnologists and biochemists
  • Informing the public and relevant communities of our research outcomes

Contact Us

Cape Peninsula University of Technology
PO Box 1906
South Africa

Tel: 021 953 8490
Email: dyersla@cput.ac.za