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Research centres and units

The following research centres and units are active at CPUT:

Research centres and units
Biocatalysis and Technical Biology Research Group
Marilize Le Roes-Hill
Centre for Computational and Applied Technology Mechanics
Prof Grame Oliver
Prof MTE Kahn
Jacques Wheeler

Ben Groenewald
Centre for Mechanics and Technology (CMT)
Prof B Sun
Centre for Power Systems Research (CPSR)
HVDC and Harmonic Analysis Computational Studies
Prof G Atkinson-Hope
Prof R Tzoneva
Prof Raynitchka Tzoneva
Prof K Swart
Computational and Applied Technologies Manufacturing
Prof G Oliver
Crystal Engineering
Prof Luigi Nassimbeni
Prof E-A Uken
Environmental Toxicity and Remediation
Prof J Odendaal
Assoc Prof R van Zyl
Prof Irina Masalova
Prof Rainer Haldenwang
Prof AJS Benade
Human Performance Laboratory
Dr Sacha West
Prof Jeanine L Marnewick
Molecular Pathogenic Microbiology Research Group
Ass Prof Sehaam Khan
Obesity and Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Research Unit
Prof Tandi Matsha

Mr Shafick Hassan
Prof Jeanine L Marnewick
Prof Stephané Bouyé
Dr Nico van der Walt
Technology Institute: Community Water Supply & Sanitation
Prof A Lagardien
Prof M Weideman
Prof J Garraway

Technology stations

CPUT supports the following technology stations:

Research centres and units
Mr L Dolley
Prof Oscar Philander