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A talented third-year Graphic Design student recently took first place in the Functional Foods Research Unit’s (FFRU) first-ever student design competition awards.

Friday, 14 December 2018

From bereavement to graduation

While completing his B Ed: FET degree in Economics and Management Sciences, Nadeem Staggie had to cope with the passing of his parents and brother whose deaths happened in quick succession.

Cape Town-born Carla Barnard, 25, is the first graduate on the Mowbray Campus to be awarded a Dean’s Medal in the Faculty of Education.

Carla obtained 41 distinctions out of the 42 subjects with a final aggregate of 83, 41% over the four years of study.

She says her achievement has left her at a loss for words as she felt all sorts of emotions at once. She is grateful for this achievement and praises God for allowing it to happen.

“I worked hard I think I deserve it, I feel like the world is my oyster,” she says. “This is the moment I waited four years for. It took a lot of sacrifices.”

According to Head of the Intermediate Department, Dr Cina Mosito, all the previous winners were form the Wellington Campus.

Carla says that the achievement is more meaningful to her as she had a troubled upbringing being raised by her mom and granny whom she considers her inspiration. “This is the first time there's a graduate and a teacher in my family.”

Besides her family she is grateful to her fiancé and lecturers who trained her to be the resourceful teacher she is. “I wouldn't be here if it was not for the lecturers, I am grateful to CPUT and the university will be part of my future professional development.”

Even though she aims to study until the doctoral level she won’t be studying next year. Instead she will be planning her wedding which will happen later in the year.

“I had a lot of other work to juggle with my studies this year such as being a Teaching Assistant, a Peer Educator and a Youth Coordinator for ATR [an Afrikaans project].”

Carla is currently teaching Mathematics, English, Natural Science, History, Performing Arts, Geography, EMS and Life Orientation in Grade7 at De Vrije Zee Primary School in Goodwood.          

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Study hard and reap the benefits

Stefani Swart, who was awarded the Dean’s Medal at today’s Faculty of Business and Management Sciences’ graduation ceremony after obtaining her diploma Summa Cum Laude, says her hard work has paid off.

Stefani obtained distinctions in all 18 subjects and achieved an aggregate of 88.67% over the three years of study towards the National Diploma in Tourism Management.

The 21-year-old grew up in Paarl where she obtained her Senior Certificate at La Rochelle Girls High School in 2015.

She says studying very hard and putting a lot of effort in one’s work is all it needed for her to earn her achievement.

While as part of her Work-Integrated Learning she worked for N-Concepts and Design, a Paarl-based wedding and events management company, Stefani will now work as an assistant teacher at W A Joubert Primary School.     

She will also be studying Education: Foundation Phase through distance learning. “I have always wanted to do tourism and then pursue my passion for teaching children.”

A determined graduate has overcome a mobility disability and other challenges to obtain his BTech: Public Management degree.

Andile Magqabi was capped on Wednesday during the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences’ graduation ceremony.

He is wheelchair bound and became paralysed after surviving a shooting incident in Gugulethu in December 2015. He completed his diploma at CPUT in 2016 and says that’s when things changed completely.

Accessing facilities on campus was a challenge as some lecture rooms were not accessible by wheelchair.

“Nonetheless, there were friends and classmates who were willing to assist me,” adds the Alice-born graduate. “The lecturers were understanding and gave me additional time to complete assessments.”

He says his lecturers were very supportive of his academic development and general welfare. “They would give me time off to see doctors and email me lecture notes when I missed class.”

He also thanks the Disability Unit for assisting differently abled students by listening and attending to their concerns.

“CPUT taught me self-discipline, respect and meaning to the axiom that whatever you’re going through in life you’re not alone,” recalls the Sandenberg Residence’s senior student.

“I went to church for the first time here at CPUT and learnt that God is able and willing and that where there’s a will there’s a way.”

He thanks his parents and friends as well his lecturers Altee Whittaker and Dr Stan Cronje, who is a pillar of strength in Andile’s life and a parent not only to him but to the rest of the students.

He says differently abled students fear going to school because of the pressure to perform from able-bodied students and more can be done to make facilities accessible to wheelchair bound and visually-impaired students.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Fine-tuning studying to work for you

Growing up in Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape Sinamandla Maqina was that child who would take apart the radio. He wanted to know where the voices were coming from, but would always end up with pieces of unidentifiable equipment strewn on the floor.

Takunda Gwanzura was curious whether he could replicate his success in creating an organic solar cell for his BTech in Chemistry.