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The CPUT choir took part in a rare performance hosted by Artscape Theatre, Cape Town entitled 'A Choral Tribute to Madiba', on 18 and 19 June 2011. The former state president Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was honoured through song with this performance produced by the Indigenous Arts Department (under the National Department of Arts and Culture) and Artscape, in partnership.

CHORAL CHAMPIONS: (Above) The CPUT Choir performing a choral music item at the WECCMA Festival at the Cape Town City Hall in May. This choir was crowned the champions in their category at the 2009 Old Mutual Choir Festival.

A group of inspirational CPUT students with a passion for the environment and maintaining Cape Town's status as one of the world's most beautiful cities appeared on national television this week. Mentored by Anette Grobler from the Department of Student Affairs, the Green Team’s mission is to focus on environmental clean-ups and keeping the city's beaches spotless. Their back-breaking labour earned them an insert on educational programme YoTV, after the producer of the renowned TV show logged on to the CPUT Facebook page and saw some of the team’s impressive work.


An SABC camera-person shooting footage for the television insert which highlights the work of CPUT's Green Team.

CPUT’s Cape Town campus piazza was packed with students and staff this week as multi award-winning Afro-Soul artist Lira wowed the crowds at the Department of Student Affairs’ (DSA) Welcoming Event and Market Day.

A golden performance: Lira won the South African musician of the year award in 2010. The beautiful songstress set the CPUT Cape Town campus alight with an all-round singing and dancing display that will long be remembered.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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