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Motivated to “live life to the fullest”, Student Development Officer, Anette Grobler has made headline news for taking on world first solo adventures to summiting some of the world’s highest mountains.

Since its early days as a newly-merged institution CPUT has demonstrated confidence in women leadership by appointing women in key positions in the university’s management structures.

CPUT is home to leading academics s who are making huge contributions to research.

One of CPUT’s top researchers, Prof Lungi Sosibo is involved in ground breaking work in the areas of maths, science and ICT.

Thanks to the bold efforts of one woman, CPUT is home to the world’s unique Centre for Substation Automation and Energy Management Systems (CSAEMS).

Prof Victoria Jideani from the Food Science and Technology Department is the first female inventor at CPUT to register a patent.

Professor Chris Winberg is one of only two women heading research chairs at CPUT.