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With no art background at school, or any family members in the design industry, alumnus Michele Rhoda is now enjoying phenomenal success as one of the partners in internationally-acclaimed design practice, Antoni Associates. The firm is renowned for creating award-winning interiors in South Africa and around the world.

The Emergency Medical Sciences (EMS) Department is forging ahead with establishing a dedicated space for its graduate students.

Well over 70 students at CPUT will benefit from one of the finest gifts any young person can receive – that of a first-class education.

In yet another milestone for CPUT as it celebrates its tenth birthday, alumni have unanimously adopted a constitution designed to steer the body to greater heights.

It’s official – CPUT has constituted its first-ever Convocation. An alliance of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Registrar,permanent academic staff, professor emeriti and alumni, Convocation will play an important guardianship role for the university.

“Take the initiative, be forward, contribute to daily diary discussions and nominate yourself for assignments.” That’s the advice of CPUT graduate and current Deputy Political Editor of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Mahlatse Gallens. She was speaking to hundreds of Journalism students who came to hear the renowned broadcaster at a talk organised by the Vice-Chancellor’s office and the Alumni office.

The Advancement Department has thrown its weight behind the first social responsibility drive of CPUT’s 10 year anniversary campaign.