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Alumnus Sibusiso Mtyiwazo, who is affectionately known to his fans as Kumkani Sibu, is making headlines in the stand-up comedy industry.

“At first it was just an extramural activity, just like others went to rugby or debate,” says the funny Mtyiwazo. “I went to comedy clubs and stand-up comedy venues at Lower Main Road just down the road from my res (Catsville) at the time.”

Subsequently, he got better at making people laugh and received raving feedback from audiences. “Then I thought, ‘Oh well, why not push it as a side hustle’”.

He began his career in the entertainment industry as a Radio Personality on Campus Radio and that gradually led him to comedy. The first time he got on stage to perform was in 2015 just to try it because of friends’ pressure on him to try it out.

He was a CPUT student when he decided to commit to a career in stand-up comedy. The Public Relations (PR) Management graduate adds that a lot happens at CPUT in a period of a year and that this provided him with “comedy material”. “Other comedians asked me to give it a shot because they had enjoyed my set when I got on stage the first time.”

He says studying PR helped him a lot in his chosen career. “In PR we cover a lot when it comes to Branding, Events, Communications and dealing with an audience, so every once in a while, I get to use what I studied in my stand-up career like when organising a comedy show or ideas in promoting myself as a brand.”

Mtyiwazo graduated with a BTech degree in PR in 2019 after obtaining his National Diploma in 2017. 

He says he enjoys doing what he loves, which is making people laugh. “Just watching my audience laugh feels some kind of way that can’t really be expressed in words.” He adds that comedians are great human beings who have a strong bond with each other.

The star says the national lockdown regulations have hurt him financially. “With all the events being cancelled, including comedy shows, it's been hard for comics to survive, [something] which leads to most comedians getting eight to five jobs.”

To make ends meet during these challenging times he has been working as a Boilermaker Assistant. Mtyiwazo also hosts #ConversationsBetweenCreatives, a radio show on online station GainRadio International.

To follow Mtyiwazo on social media his Twitter and Instagram handle: @sbuda_love, on Facebook: Kumkani Sibu or search @Sibu.Mtyiwazo. His work is available on Tiktok @Kumkani_Sibu and on

Youtube: 2uk17dnguqc

Alumni from across the globe recently tuned in for the Advancement Department’s first Alumni webinar, which placed the spotlight on Staying alive in the current labour market crisis.

Alumni officer Valerie Deelman said the lockdown which followed the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic had affected the lives of most people and forced people to adapt to the “new normal”.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the foundations of the world – economies are struggling, unemployment figures have escalated as a result of companies closing down, staff are being retrenched, demand for products/services shrunk and the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths continue to rise. So, we decided to engage with our alumni through hosting a webinar on ‘Staying alive in the current labour market crisis’”. 

The Alumni Office invited Dr Liiza Gie, Head of Department: Human Resource Management at CPUT, SA Board for People Practices Master HR Professional in Learning & Development and an alumna, to collaborate in hosting its first alumni webinar.

Along, with Gie, two other alumni, communication professional and entrepreneur Kim Webster and the founder of Red Village, a 3D printing technology company, Luvuyo Ndiki completed the list of guest speakers.

Gie’s presentation centred on Employability in I4.0 (Industry 4.0) while Webster’s talk centred on:  Coping with the new normal/Surviving Covid-19. Ndiki, whose company was recently featured on BBC world news for its innovative biodegradable products made from sugarcane and corn-starch, delivered an inspirational message.

Participants in the event received a virtual welcome from Calvin Maseko, Director: Advancement Department, while Deelman officiated as programme director with the support of colleagues Helena Pietersen and Nadine Waterwitch. 

“Our guest speakers connected well with the audience in the virtual space and their presentations were well received.  Our participants eagerly posed their questions and comments on the chat platform,” Deelman said.

A second webinar is planned for later in the year.

A donation by the City of Cape Town, including essential food items and hygiene products, will greatly benefit students in need.

The CPUT Convocation Covid-19 Fund has announced that since its inception earlier this year it has raised donations to the value of R380 814.50.

The CPUT Convocation has established a Covid-19 relief fund campaign, aimed at supporting the most vulnerable students.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Welcome home Miss Universe

Miss Universe and CPUT alumna, Zozibini Tunzi, received a warm welcome in Cape Town today with CPUT Vice-Chancellor, Prof Chris Nhlapo, thanking her for being proudly CPUT.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Alumni networking event inspires women

We all get the same 24 hour day, how you choose to use it is your prerogative according to two inspirational female pioneers.

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